Office opening hours

September, June and July from 9 t 13:30

October to May from 8:30 to 14:00

Phone: 986881408

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Place reservations

  • Early March: Infantil, Primaria y Secundaria Bachillerato



  • Second fortnight of June: Kindergarten and Primary
  • End of June and early July: Secundaria y Bachillerato Selectivo



  • Grade certificate, enrolment
  • Document pick up
  • ESO and BACCALAUREATE certificates
  • Galician language exemption
  • Scholarships and grants for purchasing books
  • Document proccesing for students coming from other schools
  • School insurance



  • Photocopying services for students and teachers
  • Information about student grades

Colexio San Narciso. Marín. Pontevedra
Chan do Monte 27. Teléfono 986881408