Vocational school

San Narciso vocational school aims to provide the students a solid foundation so they will be prepared for their future workplaces in the current socioeconomic circumstances.

The students will be taught a comprehensive and integral view on the profession they have chosen to study, this will ensure a versatile academic training so they can fit into the technological and productive requirements of a global and changing economy.

The basis of our program are

  • Highly skilled teachers that provide their teaching experience, and help the students discover the possibilities that each professional career offers.
  • Fully equipped classrooms.
  • We count on the support of important companies that offer internships to our students


Our vocational school offers courses that intend to train highly capable leaders for oursociety. Learn more about our syllabus and courses.

Colexio San Narciso. Marín. Pontevedra
Chan do Monte 27. Teléfono 986881408